*Summer in fall

{Music: From the Morning – Nick Drake}



 The succulent on the second picture
is from dear Lotte from Belgium.
First it did not grow very well,
but after a summer in the greenhouse it looks vibrant!



Misty days are alternating with clear days with harsh winds.
It is smelling like snow, but we did not have snow yet.


*Turning leaf

{Music: Infra 5 – Max Richter}

This composition of Max Richter
creates the weirdest feelings in me.
A mixture of tension and absolute surrender,
sadness and deep joy at the same time.
A feeling of letting everything behind you,
a silent death or birth.
Tragically and comforting at once.


*another world

"There is another world, but it is inside this one."
Paul √Čluard


*Cosmea magic

{Music: The things I say – Joanna Newsom}

This year I grew cosmea flowers.
I always admired them when I saw them in other gardens.
I did not expect them to grow that rampant,
in the end they overran the whole garden bed.


*misty world


When they are full of tiny water drops
reflecting the mild light of a misty fall morning
they appear like a true masterpiece to me.
Pure, transient perfection.



{Music: Which will – Nick Drake}


*Apples and shiny grasses

{Music: La mer la terre – Ira Mimosa}

My father is the sea,
my mother the earth.
I am the bird,
I live in the sky.



Giant parasol mushrooms
and one dead deer.


*October light

I love how the light is changing in the seasons.
The later the year, the lower the position of the sun
and the more the sun comes actually into the rooms of our home.

Everyday the leaves of our birches turn a little more yellow,
and soon no leaf will be left on the fine black branches.

My dear old neighbor lady passed away.
I can feel her presence with me since.

As always there is so much I would like to say,
but my words are stuck. I wonder if that knot is ever loosening.

Have a cozy Halloween!


*October mail

October was an amazing snail mail month!
So nice to open all those special letters
with their personal stories and gifts.
Each unique and thoughtful.

From Agata 

From Joy 

From Sabine 

From Amalia 

From Katrien 

From Sandra 

Thank you all!


*with the wind and cherry trees

{Music: Wherever you are – Angus & Julia Stone}

One of my favorite places – 
the cherry tree plantation.
As kids we always climbed up the big cherry tree in our garden
and played Star Trek, the original series with captain Kirk, of course. :)
The tree was our spaceship.
And like so many children I fantasized about living on a tree.


*at times

At times
I feel like a deer
in a very small forest
surrounded by streets
 full of fast cars
and unpredictable humans.
The noises make it jump
from one end to the other –
Constantly being on the alert,
never finding rest.


*Mired in fog

{Music: Lighthouse – Patrick Watson}

Leave a light on in the wild
Cause I'm coming in a little blind
Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home

When to find you in the backyard
Hiding behind our busy lives
Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods
To help us get back into the world

Cause I know
I've seen you before
Won't you shine
A little light
On us now

Won't you shine a little light
In your own backyard
Won't you shine a little light
In your own backyard

Dreaming of a lighthouse in the woods



Softly as in a morning light.



{Music: Au dessous du volcan Yann Tiersen}

We had so many sunflower fields this year in our surrounding
and when they started to wither with all their different brown tones
and hanging heads from the weight of all the seeds, they looked even more beautiful.



 What is pain
after all.


*going home

"Going to the woods
is going home."
John Muir