allium + garden update

Last year when the alliums where blooming I made a picture of myself. Normally at this time of the year I feel the urge to cut my hair, same as this year in spring, but for some reason I did not do it and so they keep growing. It's actually amazing how much hair grows in a year. Maybe this summer I manage to not cut it, but I am a very mercurial person, so let's just see... 
If you want to see more gardening pictures, feel free to have a look in Lotte's and my gardening album on flickr. The last two days were pretty hot suddenly and I was able to do a lot in the garden, but today it is cool again and lot's of rain. It is such a different climate this year! But nevertheless I was able to harvest first radishes, salads and I am sure very soon also the first strawberries. Yay!


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

dear claudia,

thank you for updating the gardening album !

i love your long blond hairs, keep them growing if you like, because it is very pretty.

Here too as i told before, much rain , cold and we had only few warmer days and then it looked like the soil was too dry for the plants.
I can not wait to go back to my lottie and do some gardening with our sweet little girl by my side

: )


wide-eyed-tree said...

Thank you! :)
It will be wonderful to be able to be in the garden with your baby girl in the future!
Just try to take care and don't worry that you can not update the garden album just now, we can have it for many years, so no pressure!