Castle Maissau


Today we visited castle Maissau.
I loved it and it's beautiful forest paths behind it.
I picked some liverleaves for my herbarium.
So much inspiration out there!

Lately on my table

Lately on my table...
• enjoying my new pretty doily I got from Lotte
• having homemade mango lassi
• new flea market findings for my wooden bowl collection
• eating lot's of healthy kale and trusting to heal
• pretty magazine (sweet paul)

Enjoy your weekend!



Friday already!
Have a good one!



This month I had some greens in my mailbox :)
First package was from Lotte. She surprised me with a beautiful, handmade doily and an aloe vera offshoot. The second green mail comes from Magda from England whom I sent one of my pilea babies. She sent me cuttings from her papyrus pant. I'm all exited!
On Sunday I did some planting and repotting. 
Can't wait my new aloe vera and papyrus to grow big!
Have a happy Wednesday!



One of my favorite flowers.
Can't wait for spring to come!



Sunshine and first signs of spring.


home lately

 I hope you had a good week so far!

Some pictures of our home.
I usually don't wear any jewelry, but on the sixth picture
you can see some pedants, that accompanied my entire life:

1. A silver pedant from my late grandmother
2. A red glass stone pedant from my mother
3. A moonstone pedant that I got myself when I was a teenager
4. Turquoise gemstone that I got myself on a shopping trip with my friend Irina when I was 16.
I clearly remember that day like it was yesterday.
5. My first real boyfriend still used to visit me quite often after we separated - we still stayed friends - and after his visits I often found this bloodstone lying around in my flat. He always tended to loose things, same with this gem, that he usually had in one of his pockets. I gave it back to him every time. One time he gifted me a little wooden box and inside was this bloodstone, but revamped into a pedant. :)
6. This little golden sun was actually a promotional gift, but it's still so nice.

Things with stories make it so hard to leave go of them.

On the last picture the little linocut is from Alina Vergnano who's artwork I really adore.


fly with me to the moon and back

Another one ;)

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Birgit, an Austrian writer and photographer, was so kind
to present my illustration work on her blog "The Picture Garden".

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


{Asarum europaeum}

On my last walk I picked these hazelwort leaves.
You can find this plant mainly in broadleaf forests.
Leaves and roots taste like pepper and until the 18. century they were used as vomitive.


you complete me

Actually I was working on a new fabric design, but I could not resist picking some of the animal motifs to make some separate illustrations with them. Maybe also suitable for future postcards, let's see... ;)


January snail mail

I know I am late, but better late than never,
so here is my snail mail from January :)

Pretty postcard from dear Sandra of her Arizona trip.

Lily sent me from her trip to Istanbul the most delicious spices!
I'm adding them to nearly everything I cook since I have them :)

Katja surprised me with lots of Etsy stuff,
flower seeds and a wonderful art print from her artist bf.

And last but not least another colorful package from Fiona.
Look at this wonderful plate! Have a look at her instagram page where she is showing her cooking adventures! Pure eye candy!

Thank you all so much!!!!