Doily rug

Thank you for all your kind comments to my illustration work! I appreciate them so much!
Can you believe it is already end of August? It is Sunny's 6. Birthday today and exactly one year ago we moved into "our" house. One year! Unbelievable how time flies!


At the silver lake

At the silver lake
Surrounded by birches
I want to rest
And my thoughts to fly away.


Gardening update

Good morning! Time for a little garden update again!
I picked lot's of tomatoes and made my own tomato ketchup and sauce for winter.
But to be honest, I don't think it will make it until winter, because it is so good and I already opened a glass ;)
It is so cold here at the moment. I already had to make fire in the stove. Very unusual for August.
Yesterday I harvested the last potatoes and some carrots. I had different sorts thanks to my sweet snail mail friends!
Some time ago I got Tagetes seeds from Studio Meez. They started to bloom finally, too!
And I made some really nice illustrations that I will show you the next days!
So stay tuned and have a good start into the week ;)


Under a purple moon

Have a good weekend!


Bee You!

Remember my last linocut?
Here it is transformed into a new breakfast board :)



Good Morning! Here are some mushrooms I illustrated last month.
Rainy weather makes them spring up everywhere now. Do you like to collect them or are you afraid of poisonous ones? My favorite to eat is the penny bun.
Thank you, Carla!



Yesterday was perfect:
  Making a long forest walk + collecting mushrooms
 Having out first butter nut squash for lunch
 Starting Yoga again
 Making a cycling tour in the evening sun (pictures)
 Taking a swim in ice cold water and having a hot bath afterwards ;)
Hope you had a good weekend also!



Smell the coffee!


Breakfast board AHOI!

Another breakfast board with my design.
I like this one a lot - thinking of keeping one for myself ;)


Forest walk

It's a holiday in Austria today. Perfect for a forest walk. It's been a while since we last made one.
I missed it! We found a lot of wild blackberries, they tasted awesome!
Have a cozy evening!

Ruby rug

A rug for my workroom. Sunny likes that, because if I make a rug for myself, he is allowed to step and sleep on it. If you don't already know it, he is the reason why I started to crochet rugs years ago! 



Playing with oranges …


Breakfast board + postcard

Oh yes, I love Mondays and I hope I'm not alone ;)


Office tools

Happy + creative Monday!


Fabric patterns

Lily asked me to make patterns of some of my sketchbook drawing that she likes.
It was really nice to see them on fabric and I hope she will sew something pretty with them!


The art of homegrown food

The greatest joy it to make a full meal of only homegrown food.