snail mail April

End of April already - that means another snail mail month has passed.
And it was a really great one!
Postcards from Lily and Cococita 
Two letters from my new pen friend Amalia from Greece!
Very inspiring mail from dear Cococita! (love the tea btw!)
Can't wait to use that cute little notebook!
3 times lucky! mail from Lily! I sowed the strawberries and some of them are already showing up! 
The Aristolochia littoralis is looking really like it's german name (literally translated) "Ghost plant". I will plant those seeds also soon :) And have you seen those awesome fabric ribbons? So adorable!
Another sweet letter from Katyha!
And last but not least, pretty dried flowers, a sweet card and sunflower seeds from Sandra! You must know, that I really wanted some sunflowers for my garden and now they were in my mail :)
I also got a wonderful package from Studio Meez
I will show it to you soon!
So stay tuned ;)


Birds and worms

Birds and worms.
And here a little bit of welcome rain.


Red tulips + finding solutions

Since days I can't stop looking at these beautiful red tulips. Every now and then I go outside to watch their heads dancing in the wind. I got some quite frustrating news last week. My greenhouse should actually be finished by now, we payed it 5 weeks ago and now they called that they can not deliver it, because they made a mistake in the production and that we have to wait a month more! Oh well, for those who know about gardening, you know what this means. It will be too late for the most things then and also I don't really know how to bridge the time with the plants I already cultivated in my provisional mini greenhouse. R. helped me yesterday to make a normal garden bed to at least start with some carrots and other lower plants that are not harmed so easily by the winds and storms here. Hopefully the rabbits will leave me some ;) And for my seedlings, I hope I will find a solution to help them surviving until next month. And when I feel down again, I will just stare at these red tulips ;)



I hope you are having a good one today!


Floral pattern

Not long ago I told you, that I made another pattern for the weekly spoonflower contest. Actually I don't make this to win, I make this, because it is nice to have a certain subject to work on. This time it was about designing a black and white floral wallpaper pattern giving the option going wild with coloring in later. And because I am not usually a black and white person, I created an extra colorful one. Hope you like them! Have a good Friday!


my plants

I collected my yellow shelf from my parents home, thought it would be perfect for my plants.
I had it in my first flat, so long ago! It was when I had this phase to paint all my furniture.
I'm trying to propagate my monstera. Let's see if it works!


Birds illustration

Sometimes I start an illustration and leave it unfinished for weeks. Same happened with this one. Yesterday I finished it finally, made lot's of changes actually, but now I'm happy. And I always like to make a pattern afterwards for versatile use. I must say I would like to wake up in bed clothes in this pattern ;)



Pictures from yesterdays trip to my family. So many vibrant yellow rape fields, nature is glowing in it's freshest green at the moment! We had a wonderful time with good food and talks and time in the garden. Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend, too!



Yesterday our greenhouse should have been ready to collect. It's still not there. In Austria we have a saying that is: If you have to count on someone, you are lost. Sometimes really so true! Well, waiting again...
– – – – – –
Fabulous Little Print Store is having a surprise package give-away! What a lovely idea! If you are fast, you can still participate here or here.
Wish you a wonderful Easter weekend!


Flower address label

It started with some flowers in my sketchbook. I made a pattern then for a new weekly fabric pattern contest. Pictures will follow. And because I wanted some new decoration for my envelopes, I thought it would be nice to carve a big flower address label stamp.
{Some of the hand-printed envelopes are available in my shop}


Art tools

Art tools + pattern.


Sunday spring walk

Spring is wonderful!