bubble me

bubble me
{Din A3, 29,7 x 42 cm 200g acid-free paper}
printed with oil-based paint
limited edition of 13


Printing news

Good morning!
As promised, here are some pictures of my newest reductions print.
Like last time, the colors have been picked very spontaneously.
The owl series continues...


April pattern

I'm so happy to have Sunny back home. All went good, but I'm still in shock somehow.
I hope he makes a good recovery from the operation! Thank you for your kind words and wishes!
I did not win the weekly spoonflower contest with my laboratory design, but I will try again. Theme of this week is "Wellies and Galoshes". Hope you like it ;)


garden and thoughts

Some garden pictures. Our apricot tree started to bloom! I love the smell!
Yesterday I finished a new woodcut, I will soon post some pictures.
And we prepared the ground for the future greenhouse. It is ordered, but we have to wait 3 weeks until we can collect it from the shop. I hope it will be not too late then for growing my vegetables. Let's see.
We had to take Sunny to the vet yesterday and she kept him there and he has an operation now! I am so tensed up! He never was somewhere else over night except for my parents home. And it all came so sudden, I was not prepared at all. I can't wait to see him again!
After yesterday I am once again thinking about if I ever want a child, because I feel not strong enough somehow. Thinking of letting my child in hospital breaks my heart.



Aren't peacocks fascinating creatures?
I am daydreaming of a secret garden with peacocks.
But I know they can be very loud, so I don't know if I could tolerate them,
I'm very sensitive to noise.
How is your week going? It got really cold again and we had some hail.



 Happy Monday!


my mother's greenhouse

I browsed through my backups and found these beautiful pictures of my mother's greenhouse. As you may have noticed, she has a weakness for cactuses. She is my great ideal as regards plant care. I hope our greenhouse will be like that someday :) 



Propagation and repotting.
My Tradescantia (where I originally got plant cuttings from Lotte) has grown a lot since our move and I managed to grow a tangerine plant from the seed again.
As wind is very strong here quite often, we decided to build up a greenhouse this year. I hope we can realize it, it would be a dream of me to have one. As you may already know my mother always had a greenhouse and I love it. I'll try to find some pictures to show you!
Thank you so much for voting for my fabric pattern design! If someone still wants to vote, it is still open until Tuesday.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!



Spoonflower is making a weekly fabric design contest on various topics. I decided to participate! Theme was "Science Fair" and I first made an illustration and then a pattern. If you like it, it would be great if you could vote for my design. All you have to do, is to go to THIS site, find my pattern, pick it, press the yellow submit button up in the right corner and type in the control word, that's all! You don't need a spoonflower account for that! Thank you!!!

Inspiring books

I can not imagine a world without books! Especially when I am sick like these days, I take my time to read and look through my pretty books. Last time I showed you the first book of Felix Scheinberger called "Mut zum Skizzenbuch". This time I want to show you his second one and I have good news! There is also an English version available. (only in soft cover though) It's called "Urban Watercolor Sketching: A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling in Color". In German it is called "Wasserfarbe für Gestalter". As I love Felix Scheinbergers style, I was not  disappointed by his second book, if anything I was highly impressed!


juggling ladybug

We're having heavy storms again which is making me worry about my garden plans.
Weather got so aggressive the last years.
Did I tell you about our ladybug plague in autumn?
I have never seen that much ladybugs in my whole life and they all tried to find a nice hibernation place in our home :)
They were everywhere and I thought they deserve to be theme of one of my illustrations.


garden time

Yesterday I planted the first flower bulbs. 
Calla lilies, white bleeding hearts, anemones and lilies.
{All flower pictures taken from this site}
The birds are watching me always very curiously.
Good to know that I'm not the only curious one here :)
Have a good Friday!!



Isolated houses always give me a good feeling.
How about you? Can you imagine living in a house in the woods?



A tree in my home.
I think this would make a nice wall poster,
maybe one from the bottom to the top of the wall like real size.



Just because I  my Monster(a).



An illustration I did last month.
Ray LaMontagne.
Always so nice to listen.
{here + here + here}



Did some repotting yesterday. I'm happy that my olive tree is still doing so well and look at my pilea plants, that Lotte sent me at the end of October. They have grown so much :) {here are the before pics}
Today I was in the garden center to get some seeds and flower bulbs. Really can't wait to plant them!
We had some sun today! I hope you too! Enjoy your weekend!