Finally I made something that was on my To-do list for exactly 2 years.
In October 2011 I got this pretty pillow case from Lily and I never used it, because I did not have any pillow in that size, so I planned to sew a pillow that I can insert. Actually it was never about the sewing itself that it took me so long to do that, it was more about the filling. Anyway, better late than never! I'm very happy to be able to use it now! Love the birdcage pattern!
Speaking of patterns, I am working on some new patterns too at the moment :) More about that later...
The fabric on the last pictures had "only" to wait one year ;)


pilea peperomioides

I told you that I got something living via post. Here it is!
Lotte was so sweet to send me 2 of her pilea baby plants.
They are doing good and I even have the feeling that they already have grown a bit since the few days I have them now :) {Thank you so much, Lotte!!!}
On the last picture you can see my ginger plant and a bird house that my mother gave me as a present.
Soon I want to install it outside!


a star is born

When I finished this rug I thought it's perfect for winter, it looks like a star or snowflake. I immediately started another one, a white one.
– – – – –
Good things are going on. I got something living in the mail :)
More about it soon!
– – – – –
Weekend is soon here again, can you believe it!? Did a lot of cycling this week again, which means my business is doing good. I don't know if I mentioned here before, but I bring my packages to the post box by bike. In winter it won't be that funny I guess ;)
– – – – –


snail mail October

– – – – –
A big THANK YOU to all who take
their precious time to keep snail mail alive!
– – – – –
It's always like Christmas opening packages of Fiona. She gives so much attention to little details, I love that! :) You should check out her great instagram page!
Pretty card from Cococita 
A pretty bug card from Sandra :)
Awesome handprinted fabrics {by Orike Muth}, a fish card and another card that matched perfectly my breakfast table - all from Lily!
The story behind this cute pouch is that I saw a similar one on Emmel's blog which she got from a blog friend and it reminded me immediately of the curtain we had in our room when I was a child. It had the same duck pattern, but in blue. I commented this on her blog and suddenly I had this pouch in my mailbox :) Carla read my comment and made it for me out of the last piece of fabric she had. How sweet from her! I love it!
I was very happy to get news from Barbara. She sent me lily seeds, this pretty embroidered vintage pillow case, cards, tea and an letterpress gift tag 
Thank you!!!

Tobacco pouch

Do you know people where it is hard to find gifts for them?
My bf is one of those people. And because of that I don't hesitate to grab if I find something that he might like. And then I give it right away without any occasion. It was that time again. Since longer time now my bf keeps his tobacco and supplies in my baby blue duck pouch and found it increasingly embarrassing to be seen with it, especially at work with his colleagues :D So I had to think of Mina's hand-sewn, pretty tobacco pouches and asked her to make a masculine version for my bf.
And here it is! Isn't it perfect?! I was not able to take a lot pictures though, because my bf immediately started to use it :)


still life

A still life I made back in April.
Not long ago I had postcards printed and
started to decorate my work room.


this & that


The second issue of Tiny Pencil is out +
new doily rug is finished.


forest walk

Yesterday on our forest walk – the grasses were shining so pretty in the sunlight.
We heard some wild pigs near. The little ones made really funny noises.
The rest of the day I was working on a further doily rug and some commissional stamps.
Enjoy your weekend!


handprinted cards

Handprinted folded cards with deckle edges.
I like the thick, structured paper very much.
Instead of stamping ink I used linoleum paint to get an extra deep black.
All cards are signed and dated.
I'm contended with the result :)


nature stamps

Since several days {and nights actually} I am working on these bicolored nature stamps.
{fire lily, gentian and whitethorn}
Our bedroom has once again converted into a printing studio.
Cards everywhere.
More pictures will follow.
 – – – – –
Last chance to enter my facebook giveaway!
– – – – –
It's the Birthday of my brother! So Ingo, if you read this:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, live long + prosper! :)
– – – – –
Last night my bf and I drove through a dark forest


Holly stamp

In 83 days it's Christmas!
I'm prepared :D
– – – – –
Listen to one of my favorite songs –––> HERE


Bleeding heart

For now the last illustration of my flower series.
Bleeding hearts.
I hope yours is not bleeding!


Grape hyacinth

Remember my flower illustration series I made at the beginning of summer?
Well, I never showed you the last 2 illustrations.
Here is the first one.
Grape hyacints.
I have vivid childhood memories of this plant :D


fall oasis

I love autumn! It is the time of the year I feel the most productive.
A lot is going on. Today we explored the surrounding again - made a long walk, a circular route around a biotope that they call oasis. I can see why :)
I could not resist to pick a sunflower full of seeds to take home for the birds. Isn't it pretty?