Green ink

Playing with green ink.



I'm working on my personal website,
therefor I need to look through all my files.
Sitting for hours infront of the computer makes me easily forget the most essential things.
Then I have to remind myself.
So, don't forget to breath!


new postcard sets | native birds

Last week I sold the last of my bicolored bird card sets, so I decided to make some more.
They are all cut and stamped by hand.
{Available here or simply contact me}


sketchbook pages 3

Minus temperatures and snow.
I can't remember that it was ever like this at the end of March.
Better staying inside & filling my sketchbook.


My first Automatic Pen,
black ink and new colors for my water color box.
I ❤ art supplies! Just looking at them makes me feel better :)
 Have a wonderful weekend!



Making new buttons...



Stamping new little "thank-you cards" for my customers made me realize that I haven't showed you this stamp yet. I carved it two months ago.

Good news: My neon pink rug got featured in WUNDERWEIB in a special about neon colors.


Dana Damki

I couldn't resist ordering this awesome travel diary made by Dana Damki. It is printed on a Risograph, which I think is a great printing technique. If you want one yourself or another pretty item made by her, go and check out her etsy shop!





snail mail march part 1

I got wonderful snail mail this month and finally answered some letters myself.
2 postcards from Lily. She was in Berlin and was so sweet to think of me! Thank you! I already prepared something to send you away today, so be patient :)
 A birthday card + letter from my dear pen pal Katrin :)
 A postcard from Otto and his gf from their trip to Vietnam.
Birthday mail from Sandra! The handmade tiny cake card is so sweet! And the bird necklace, it's perfect! Thank you so much!
Surprise mail from Emmel! Look how pretty she decorated the envelope. I love her drawings! She made the crochet garland herself! Can't wait to put it on my wall! Thank you!!!



 Still so cold, but at least the sun comes out from time to time!


more sketchbook pages

Thank you for all your comments to my sketchbook drawings! It was a pleasure to read them and hear about your own experiences!  Have you ever tried to draw with your left hand or in case you are left-hander with your right? I do that from time to time and I love it. It gives you that feeling of being a kid  again that is making first drawing experiences. Your hand feels freer somehow and also your mind, because you don't have the pressure to create something good. It's worth trying it out! Enjoy your weekend!


Sneak peak into my sketchbook

I'm a person who likes change - who needs change. I could never only crochet rugs or only carve stamps or only draw or whatever. Sometimes I realize that this is kind of a problem somehow. Not for me, but for others it seems. People want to push you in corners and drawers, so they feel more comfortable. They want to think of a person like this: "This is Maike, she is a hat maker" or "That is Frank, he writes poems", but it does not work for me somehow, I always have to do different things and can not tie myself down. I know people get confused with that. But I can't help it.
I always wanted to keep a sketchbook, sometimes it worked, then there was a break for years again. I always waited for the right moment  to draw, but as you know "life" always comes in between, so I postponed it again and again. I think drawing is something where you need the most peace. It's not like crocheting where you can watch a movie next to it. You need some kind of vacuum bubble around you. At least I always have this feeling. No distraction! 
So I'm glad I finally started to doodle more again and I share it with you, even though I always find it hard to let people look inside my sketchbook. Is it the same for you?


neon pink rug

 From the colors in this post you can guess that my longing for spring is peaking. Wouldn't it be nice to have a tulip wallpaper like this in your home. Unfortunately it is only a photo collage.