No words today.


Rug No. 10 (finished)

Finally I finished my 10. rug that I started to crochet in November. When I look at it, it makes me think of berries and that I would love to eat some now. Everything in me is longing now for fresh fruits and vegetables, but directly from the garden, not from the supermarket.


African Violet

My new African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) and nosy Sunny dog.

Happy Birthday, R.!

Today is my Bf's birthday, so I made him the only cake I am able to make. All was a bit delayed 'cause we suddenly had no electric current in the whole flat after I wanted to turn on my computer. The ground fault circuit interrupter did not fail, so we had to call an electrician and were a bit stressed 'cause it's weekend and no electric current means also no heating and it is not really that warm outside. But we had blessing in disguise, the electrician was able to repair it very quick. It was only a broken fuse in a fuse box outside of our flat.
In any case, it made me think of how dependent we are on things that we take for granted every day.

Happy tear No. 4

Another "Happy tear" is born.
And remember: After rain comes sunshine. Always.



Working with plants is definitely one of the most relaxing things.



Since some time now, I am searching for this plant. One of my friends has one and every time I visited her, I admired it. Recently I found one in a shop and had to immediately take it. I also bought some cactus soil, 'cause I want to repot my Haworthia and get some more succulent plants. I guess it is the winter and grey weather that makes me longing for some more green in my home. If you ask me, I wouldn't mind to skip some months to have spring already.


More "Happy tears"

Two new "Happy tears" are available now in my shop. They are so cute standing all together in a row :) Hope they will find a nice new home soon.


Knitting socks

Yesterday I visited a friend of mine who is also crafting a lot. She wants to teach me to knit socks. As you maybe already know, I have a love-hate relationship to knitting because one of the first things we had to knit in school times was a pullover which was too much for me. It needed so much time and when I was finished I was grown out of it. Also my fingers always hurt while knitting and I was not able to relax. Some years ago I started it again and had a better feeling with it. But still I'm not able to knit more complicated things and I never use pointed needles. So yesterday it was a premiere for me. Actually I still don't know if it will ever end up being a sock, but at least I tried :)


Happy tear

Glad to be able to show you my newest creation. A happy tear. I plan to make some for my online shop. It is filled with the seeds of winter vetch (Vicia villosa) like the fish key fobs I make. It gives a good standing and is comfortable to touch and squeeze. For those who still wonder what it is, it is like the seeds of peas, only smaller and much stronger.
Hope you all have nice & easy sunday!



Found another cool free pattern of a kiwi bird on this blog. I changed the pattern a bit 'cause I wanted a rounder body and a shorter beak. Kiwis are such funny birds, don't you think?


Watering can

Since I've made my first Amigurumi, I'm thinking of making my own pattern. So here it is: my first self-invented Amigurumi watering can. I made 2 different designs. Still don't know which I prefere. BTW: the hand on the first pic is not mine. My bf was so kind to give me a hand. Haha :D


Cactus friends

Yesterday night I crocheted some friends for my Amigurumi cactus. The one in the middle I decorated with a little pink pompom which I think looks also cute.


Amigurumi Cactus

For those who always forget to water their plants.


Music: Bob Marley • Memphis

Amigurumi Pear

Pattern from Amigurumi Girl.


Once you have started making cute little things, you can't stop - at least I can't. I made this Amigurumi banana. Sunny was quite curious about it :) The pattern is from AmigurumiParadise.


Radish scarf

Made another Twinkie Chan scarf out of the book "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies" that I got from my dear friend Irina. I have never tried Amigurumi before - this little radish is my first simple attempt. Do you also think that as soon you put eyes on something it looks immediately cute, no matter what it is?

Pink sky - great hopes


Carrot scarf

When I was in the mountains I worked on this carrot scarf. The pattern is also from Twinkie Chan. It will be a birthday gift for a friend of mine. Hope she will like it.


Mountain movie

Music: Doo Wop • The Sun



We spent 4 days in the mountains in St. Johann. What I like most is the silence there and the comfortable warmth of the tiled stove after coming home from long walks in the snow.