Strawberry rug

I finished my strawberry rug today!
Hopefully it makes someone happy in the future :)


This is a part of the cactus collection of my mother that I promised to show you. Most of the clay pots she made herself. I love her pottery and think it makes a pretty & individual look.


Mail from Japan

I have never ever got mail from Japan before in my life til today! Coco sent me these little surprises that put a big smile on my face! She even sent me some seeds! I will plant them soon and here you can see a close-up of the stamps she sent me. I feel spoiled :) Thank you, Coco!


The garden of my parents is a bit like a jungle, some may think it looks unorganized, I think it is quite a little paradise. This weekend it rained a lot, only Sunday the sun came back and we had a chance to enjoy all the green outside. My mother has a passion for cactuses and always manages it that they have flowers. In the next post I will show you some more of her cactuses. At the moment she is propagating a special sort that looks like it's stinging if you touch it, but it doesn't, you can actually stroke it :)

Collaboration with Lotte

Some time ago Lotte asked me to do a little collaboration for her "Adopt a Plant" project which I think is such a great idea. She mailed me some drafts that she has made and I made 2 different drawings for a stamp in that style. She picked this one and I carved it for her. (Here she is testing it for the first time.) I hope she is able to start her project soon! Everyone who lives not so far away from her will be quite lucky :)



Even tough I love calm colours and white rooms, I often pick red (in all its variations) when it comes to clothes, wool and other useful things. It seems it is the colour I need the most. Which colour do you pick most of the time?


Little boat trip movie

(Music: Regina Spector • Two birds)
For all who were not able to see the movie over flickr, I try it again via youtube, hopefully you can see it now!


Book of poems

Wanted to show you this little book of poems about plants of the writer Karl Heinrich Waggerl (published in 1950) that I bought in my childhood on a flea market. Next to every poem is a beautiful illustration of a painter called Karl Weiser.


Magic in the living room

1+2 Another magical reflection in our living room.
3 This rug will become a strawberry when it's grown up :)

Mail from Sweden

Yesterday I was surprised by a lovely letter from Mia! It came exactly at the right moment, 'cause my day was quite hard. She sent me a bunch of stamps from her country which I immediately removed from the paper and now they are getting pressed in a book, so I am soon able to show them to you. She also gave me that great picture of Stockholm that will be published in a book soon! I think she is such a good photographer! Thank you again!


Another boat trip

I hope you don't get bored, but we did another boat trip yesterday :) It was sooo hot! We went swimming for the first time this year. And we saw the swan family again, this time they came really close, so I was able to make some really nice pictures. I wish I could have snuggled one of these swan babies, they look so soft!
Hope to be able to show you some self-made things again soon. I finally started a new rug and also made some more rubber stamps, my salad is growing and there are some more stamps ready to be posted on my tumblr.


On the danube

We had another great boat trip on the danube yesterday afternoon and saw a swan couple with their swan babies which was quite adorable and Sunny finally got to know someone who is as curious as himself :)


A little Sunny time

Whenever I am very busy, I get a guilty conscience about Sunny, that he may feel neglected. So I try to schedule some extra playtime for him to keep him happy. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to let him go when he is old. Trying not to think about it too much.
Oh, and my geranium is finally blossoming!


Nosy bird

Before driving into natur yesterday evening a sparrow suddenly sat down on the rear-view mirror of the car and curiously looked into the car to us. I tried to feed him and it worked. What a cool bird!