Merry christmas!

I wish you all a wonderful christmas! Will leave today to my hometown.
See you after New Year! Take care!


Trees & lights

Only 4 days and I will decorate another tree. The one of my parents. Will be with my family over christmas and New Year. When I look outside then I think we have a good chance to have a white christmas. Soon we will see...


Pear scarf

I made this Twinkie Chan pear scarf out of the book "Twinkie Chan's Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies". But I chose pink and grey instead of green and white pears and I skipped the stems. Actually I'm not sure if I will wear it, but it was nice to try out something new.


Christmas tree

Yesterday we got our christmas tree. I had a good time with decorating and drinking tee. For me the christmas tree is one of the best things at christmas. Especially the smell that it gives the whole room. It's a pity that there are less and less people who like christmas.


Lonely star

Thought my blue star looks a bit lonely, so I made him a small friend. Sunny dog helped me choosing the color. At least it looks like. Actually he tried to get my attention again. :) He's a bit bored these days 'cause it's too cold for him at the moment to make longer walks outside.


Winter sleep

Soon I have all my gifts together which makes me feel relieved. It's already quite a big mountain. Also wanted to show you a little rug update. Oh well, still not finished, but I haven't much time for crocheting at the moment and in the evenings I feel worn out. Wouldn't it be nice to be a hibernating bear?


3. Advent

Wise tea has spoken: If you see someone without smile, give him yours.


Windy saturday

Music: Cat Power • Back of your head

Today R. and I brought our broken tv to the waste disposal site. It was standing in the living room on the floor for months now. Exactly there, where the christmas tree should be placed soon. Why do we always postpone such things? It feels so good when such things are finally done. It is a very windy day. Trees are waving constantly everywhere I look. Will take it easy the rest of the day.


La PhotoCabine

Found this page. Try it out, it's fun!


Signs and red stripes

Feeling a bit unbalanced these days, too much to think about, too less ease to find inner peace. But yesterday I saw this sign in the sky. It looks like someone is jumping down the sky, like an bungee jumping angel. So I thought as long as I get signs from the sky all is well on the way.
Made some new cuddly clouds for christmas gifts. Will wrap them with the new red striped wrapping paper from Ikea. It has hearts on the other side. Very simple, but I like simple :)


Christmas tree bird

This beautiful christmas tree decoration I got from my mum last time. My sister became a turquoise swan wich is also very nice. I think about having a christmas tree again this year so I can use my new little gift. A great sensation for myself is that I already wrapped up my first christmas gifts. I hope this gives me time to take things slow before christmas and not get stressed too much.

Small dog - big mess

He can make a mess within seconds and he loves to put all things on my crocheted rugs which he seems to like a lot :)


All white

When I look at the snow covered nature I must think every time of the song "Into white" from Cat Stevens where it says in refrain: "And everything emptying into white." If you don't already know it, you should klick here. It's beautiful.


Chocolate morning

Do you have a favorite chocolate? Here you can see mine. It's only available at this time of the year and I'm always looking forward to it. It is from the austrian company called Manner founded in 1890 in the heart of Vienna.

The last picture shows the sky of this morning. I have a strange habit. When I wake up, first thing I do is to look out of the window to see the sky and then I make pictures of it. It's so fascinating for me how different the sky looks every day.


1. December

It's been years that I last had my own advent wreath. Every year I plan to make one and end up with nothing. Again it's no typically wreath with fir branches, but at least I have some decorated candles on a nice plate that I bought for only 1,20 Euro placed on my new crocheted dark blue doily. In case you didn't know it: If you want that your doily lies flat and not rolls up on the sides, crochet the last row in the opposite direction - the same I do at the ends of my rugs/carpets. It works really fantastic! Have a good start into December!