I made another bolero based on the pattern of the last one, but changed the length, so it's more a vest now. On the last picture you can see poor Sunny-boy after getting a shot. He was quite sad afterwards :(


house No. 1

R. and I are looking for a house to rent. If you have grown up in a house with garden, you always feel a bit locked up in a flat. I enjoy living in the city but also long for a own garden. Nothing is certain yet, but we decided to make an adventure out of it to visit all the places we haven't seen before. This was the first one.


Yesterday night I finished this Bolero from the book "Maschenware" of Debbie Stoller. I changed the pattern a bit but I think I can be happy with the result.


Yesterday was the first sunny day since sooo long. Oh, how I missed the sun. We visited my grandparents in Lower Austria. So nice to see them again, but also sad.


I'm sick. So, there's nothing to do but being patient. And cause weather outside is ugly and cold, I started to crochet granny squares for a blanket. And whenever I'm feeling down, watching this dog while he's sleeping always helps :)