*wanderlust part 2

I'm in love with all sorts of aquilegia flowers. They feel so special to me!
I always try to collect some seeds when I find them in nature. The violet one I have found in the middle of the forest. It looked gorgeous in contrast to the surrounding fresh green tones.
I wish I could cultivate them more in our garden, but it seems to be a bit too dry here in general. 


jabbott said...

The odd one grows in my current garden. Will see if I have not missed the seeds and send you some. They are a mulberry pink colour in my garden. I know you love poppy's I have small yellow ones would you like these seeds too?xx

cococita said...

I so miss your country and chillier summers.
Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, dear Claudia!

wideeyedtree said...

@jabbott: oh yes! That would be very kind of you! <3

@cococita: yes, the weather in the mountains in summer is very nice! Here it feels like in the Sahara right now, it is evening and we still have 30 degrees. I can imagine that in South France it must be very exhausting when you are not used to the climate! I hope you are ok!