We live quite near to the Austrian-Czech border, so we finally made a little day trip to the beautiful old town of Znojmo at the end of February. Because we went there during the week, it was pleasantly quiet.
Yesterday we worked to protect our young trees from the roebucks that are roaming around in our garden at night. Let's see it if works! They have destroyed quite a bit, especially the peach trees. I am looking forward to the day where I can pick the first homegrown peach! This will be magical!
Have a good week!


Sandra Dunn said...

Znojmo's architecture is cool! It's difficult keeping the deer from munching the trees indeed - I look forward to the day you report on your magical peach. I once grew a magical cantaloupe in my garden - I will never forget it. It was the BEST I ever had.

wideeyedtree said...

Yes, I can feel the taste, when only thinking of it! <3