In June it is all about flowers.



Jay illustration & pattern.


*a forest tale | part 2

Years ago I found a picture of flowers in the internet that I like so much. I kept looking at it over and over and only recently I saw this kind of flower in nature the first time in my life. What a delicate, dreamy plant! It is called soldanella alpina (last picture).


*a forest tale | part 1

Visited this little abandoned house again.
I was glad to see that it was not taken down yet!
It evokes all kind of fantasies in me. A home of a poet or a herbalist. I always think about how I would restore a certain building and which furniture would fit best. It's a nice mind game.
I would love to visit it in winter season someday when all is covered in snow!


*Garden moments in May

{Music: I don't know my name – Grace VanderWaal}

May went by so fast. I captured some moments in garden and home during the month of May. Finally the berry season has started. Nothing better than having fresh fruits from the garden every morning!
Enjoy the summery weather!