*endangered animals

The latest spoonflower design challenge is all about endangered species.
Votes are still open, if you like the pattern and want to support me!


*from winter to spring

Music: We move lightly – Dustin OHalloran

Pheasant in the snow – angelic clouds – daffodils
a tiny robin – a fresh start in the greenhouse – 
the wind, the wind, the wind –
peacock butterfly – first blooming trees 
dancing spring flowers at the riverside



Being an early bird can be quite practically.
It's not even nine in the morning and I already meditated,
cleaned the whole house,
provided Sunny with food and made a walk with him, 
washed a load of clothes,
did oil pulling, made a fresh juice,
 cleaned and packed away my winter shoes,
watered the garden beds, 
uploaded a new pattern for the upcoming spoonflower contest
and checked my mails.
Now a whole day is still ahead of me.

Have a good start into the new week!



After working the whole day in the garden
with summery temperatures,
it's perfect to end this day with posting my latest gardening illustration and matching pattern design.
{The pattern is already available in my spoonflower shop!}
Enjoy the crazy warm weather!


*one grey cloud

The last days of March,
when the sun finally came out.
Nature was still sleeping,
my skin pale.

I found this little wasps' nest,
nature's perfection.
The same wasp species is building nests
in my greenhouse every year.
So far they behaved quite friendly,
let's see about this year.

That same day I spotted a blanket of snowdrops
in a hidden place in the forest.
Usually I never find snowdrops in the area 
I live, because it's too dry,
so I was really pleased about that blooming spot!

Have a good Friday!


*unicorn meadow

Unicorn pattern.


*waiting for spring

When we were
waiting for spring.


*garden mouse

I made another stamp with my silhouette mint.
A little garden mouse to ring in the coming gardening saison
and to decorate my snail mail :)



Finally spring arrived,
but in our area it is so stormy right now,
that it is hard to enjoy time outside.
Nevertheless I started working a lot in the garden, cut the hedge and berry plants,
prepared the greenhouse to be able to finally start sowing some greens. Also I was able to pick first chickweed to make green refreshing juices. From now on it can only get better ;)
Have a lovely spring time!



*mountain trip -part 3

One time I was lucky enough to capture a deer with my camera.
It was just standing there, fearless, in the middle of the white.