*playing with ink

Since the weather is not that great recently
I decided to scan and show you some of my random ink drawings
that I do without sketching out with a pencil before.


jabbott said...

Beautiful illustrations, and you are brave to not pencil out the sketch beforehand. You are very talented and good to see your latest work x

coco said...

lovely drawing ❤️

Sandra Dunn said...

Love them! Hope it warms up soon.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@joy: Thank you, it's just that my hands don't forget how to draw, haven't been drawing much the last year, but recently I feel more creative again :)

@coco: Thank you! Happy to see you here! I haven't forgotten you!

@Sandra: Thank you! Not yet, not yet.... ;)

Katyha said...

gorgeous Claudia

cococita said...

So glad to see these appearing here!
I've missed your creations.
I am in the same stage since some time, with similar objects,
using a simple black fineliner ...

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Katyha: Thank you!

@cococita: Yes, I missed myself creating also :D The last years have been not easy for me.
I hope I can continue to do more illustrating again.
Oh, you make me curious, would love to see some of your sketches!
Much love!