*flowers & bugs

 Never getting tired of drawing bugs and flowers :)
2 postcard designs and one pattern.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Sandra Dunn said...

Love them. I also never get tired of bugs and flowers!

Jana said...

Ich liebe einfach alle deine Käfer-Illustrationen!! <3

Katyha said...

so gorgeous, I love the design

cococita said...

Do you consider to start selling them again?

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra: Yes, we are very alike when it comes to flowers and insects and all the wonderful creatures out there :)

@Jana: Ich freu mich immer, wenn du mir ein paar Worte da lässt! Danke! <3

@Katyha: Thank you! Glad you like it! Maybe they will be future postcards :)

@cococita: I have still many postcards to sell, people can always contact me, but yes, I thought of maybe opening a tictal shop for postcards and small stuff and "arthaus" contacted me to share my illustrations on their site, they offer also quite affordable prints (also unframed ones).