*here comes the sun

Finally the sun came out after weeks of grey skies
and with the sun came some sort of spring fatigue.
At this time of the year I am longing for fresh herbs from the garden,
but still have to be patient about that,
so I am adding fresh sprouts to my meals every day.

We painted our little storage room and Ronald built a wooden rack for it.
I love the smell of the freshly cut wooden boards!

We also had some renovation work in the kitchen and stairwell.
Recently we had a lot of issues with leaking appliances and electrical issues too.
There is always something to improve or work on,
but it's a really good feeling when something is repaired again, 
especially if you priorly have been improvising for a long time. :)

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Sandra Dunn said...

I hear ya - I too, am longing for spring and its earthly gifts. I love sunny - his fur looks so thick and long - guess that's his bitty winter coat.