*Cosmea magic

{Music: The things I say – Joanna Newsom}

This year I grew cosmea flowers.
I always admired them when I saw them in other gardens.
I did not expect them to grow that rampant,
in the end they overran the whole garden bed.


Carina said...

This is so beautiful Claudia. Cosmea are my favorite flowers :)

cococita said...

I absolutely love these flowers too and buy them every year
yet growing them is quite difficult here in Provence.
Unfortunately ...
I can't believe their abundance at your place:
thank you for sharing und alles Liebe vom Süden Frankreichs!

wideeyedtree said...

@Carina: Thank you! They are also one of my favorites!

@Cococita: Yes, I can imagine, I watered them every day, it was such a dry year! If you like to share some of your garden pics with me, don't hesitate! xox!