*autumn moments

{Music: Penn ar Lann – Yann Tiersen}


*morning mist

The greatest joy
to wander in the morning mist
that envelops everything out there
and reveals thousands of flimsy silver threads
that are connected with everything.


*summer in fall

{Music: From the Morning – Nick Drake}



 The succulent on the second picture
is from dear Lotte from Belgium.
First it did not grow very well,
but after a summer in the greenhouse it looks vibrant!



Misty days are alternating with clear days with harsh winds.
It is smelling like snow, but we did not have snow yet.


*Turning leaf

{Music: Infra 5 – Max Richter}

This composition of Max Richter
creates the weirdest feelings in me.
A mixture of tension and absolute surrender,
sadness and deep joy at the same time.
A feeling of letting everything behind you,
a silent death or birth.
Tragically and comforting at once.


*another world

"There is another world, but it is inside this one."
Paul √Čluard


*Cosmea magic

{Music: The things I say – Joanna Newsom}

This year I grew cosmea flowers.
I always admired them when I saw them in other gardens.
I did not expect them to grow that rampant,
in the end they overran the whole garden bed.


*misty world


When they are full of tiny water drops
reflecting the mild light of a misty fall morning
they appear like a true masterpiece to me.
Pure, transient perfection.



{Music: Which will – Nick Drake}


*Apples and shiny grasses

{Music: La mer la terre – Ira Mimosa}

My father is the sea,
my mother the earth.
I am the bird,
I live in the sky.



Giant parasol mushrooms
and one dead deer.