I turned 36 a few days ago. 
We went to a river to look for snow drops.
The landscape looks still quite bizarre, especially when the sun shines and the withered meadows, tamed by the many frosts and snow blankets, appear like long forgotten deserts.
But soon everything will change so quickly and one can not get enough from all the fresh greens, the flowers and spring air fragrances.


Sandra Dunn said...

Happy Birthday Claudia! A new year and a new season for you…. may beauty and peace come to you as gifts.

carnam ilinga said...

Die Bilder sind wundervoll.
Ich wünsche dir alles nur erdenklich Liebe und Gute nachträglich. Sonnenschein, der stets dein Herz erwärmen und einen frischen Wind, der dir stets neue Inspiration zutragen soll.

Liebe Grüße

jabbott said...

Happy belated birthday 🎂

wideeyedtree said...

@Sandra Dunn: Thank you! <3

@carnam ilinga: Vielen, lieben Dank!

@jabbott: thank you, my dear!

Katyha said...

very late but happy birthday Claudia