frost 2

The silence of a frozen world.



It's colder again! These pictures are from two weeks ago,
when the sun was just rising and everything was covered with 
a layer of frost. I try to shoot one 35mm film per week. 
Photography helps me to keep a positive focus, to transfer feelings,
it motivates me to leave my home when everything seems to be difficult.



Last month I made this baby blanket
for my little nephew.
I wish him all the love in the world,
brave fighter he already is!


autumn reds

Not the best apple year, but I found those under a hidden tree.
Can't believe that it in one month is Christmas already!


pink clouds

It's amazing how long some rosebushes are in bloom!
Have you ever put some rose pedals into your water jug
and tasted the water later? It's heavenly!


inspiration journal part 4

More pages of my inspiration journal.

We had frosty days, and also first snow six days ago. I stand up very early to wander around in nature, enjoying the silence that is surrounding the frost covered plants, only interrupted by the call of a deer or flocks of birds, now and then.


blues and browns

More autumn colors.