september snail mail

I know it's been such a long time since I last posted my incoming mail. I took a long break from writing letters this year. But last month I made pictures again from all the lovely cards and little packages I received and I want to share them with you again, so here we go:
Pretty postcards from Sandra, Lily and my sister!

Two letters from Lily, she was so kind to send me some feathers for my collection!
And look at this pretty card, it is filled with seeds!

These treasures I got from Katyha and I'm so glad they survived the long journey from Australia, I am sure you will see them more often on future pictures :)

Lotte was so kind to send me some new plant cuttings and a pretty baby birth announcement card from her sweet daughter Elise.

Thank you all!

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Sandra Dunn said...

Love seeing your snail mail, Claudia. :)