fox notepads

Are you writing lists? I always do - it really helps me organizing my daily tasks.

We are having grey and rainy weather since some time now, I hope for some sunshine, to be able to enjoy autumn outside more and work further in the garden.

Have a lovely day wherever you are right now!


cococita said...

So beautiful.
We have a fox in our neighbourhood and another fox's house near the river: such an impressive building.
I second you: miss the sunshine and a functioning heating system.
It's chilly inside and outside the house now.
Sending you a warm hug!

carnam ilinga said...

"Haddu Hirn wie Sieb, muddu aufschreiben!", ist eines meiner Mottos. :D
Die Blöcke sind toll!
Hier ist das Wetter auch sehr herbstlich, aber mehr sonnig und kalt mit viel Morgennebel.

Ganz liebe und warme Grüße!

Sandra Dunn said...

I make lists all the time. These are precious list keepers!