garden update

The good season has started! Life feels so much better when you are finally able to harvest berries and greens from the garden again. It seems the plants are catching up now and even though some plants are still pretty small, they compensate it with blooming earlier. So first cucumber and zucchini flowers are showing up and the peas gare climbing upwards as if it was a race. Every day new changes! With the different climate this year it took me from March until now to get the bitter melon seeds sprouting, but now I can lean back and watch them growing. If you want to see some more pictures, don't forget to have a look at Lotte's and my garden album.
Until soon again!


mme ulma said...

ich werd mich demnächst zum markt begeben und – ein bisschen schwindeln ist erlaubt – ein, zwei, drei erdbeerstöckchen kaufen fürs blumenkisterl.

wide-eyed-tree said...

Schwindeln ist natürlich erlaubt! ;) Erdbeeren gehören einfach dazu zu dieser wunderbaren Jahreszeit! :-*