Another finished pillow. This time without predefines pattern.
It's freezing cold lately, can't wait for spring to come back!


jabbott said...

You are so talented x

Sandra Dunn said...

Your pillow looks so gentle. Your hair looks amazing!!

mme ulma said...

und wenn er dann wieder zurück ist, in die wiese legen und den kopf darauf ausrasten. (wobei deine polsterfreien wiesenliegefotos nicht minder verlockend aussehen.)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@jabbott: Thank you! There is something on the way to you! So watch your mailbox ;)

@Sandra: :) My hair is so long already, I'm not sure if I handle to let it grow over summer, let's see ;)

@mme ulma: :) Am Polster ist es wesentlich bequemer :D