I have an adventurous weekend behind me. We made a mini trip to the mountains. I took my AV1 camera with me and can't wait to get my film developed. :)
I finally finished my two crochet projects. The pattern of the cushion (I love it so much!) is from the lovely book "Crochet Home" by Emma Lamb. I immediately had to start a second one!
I still have to take some better pictures of the finished granny square blanket. Sunny is already a fan of it ;) I wish you all a good start into the new week!


cococita said...

Both the cushion and the blanket look impressive: the texture of the first one is truly special and I love your colour choice! I hope you had a good time in the mountains!

Sandra Dunn said...

You are amazing! Can't wait to see the mountain pics! :)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

beautiful both, with lovely colors!

coco said...

So lovely to came visit your place again.
This crochet patchwork looks lovely.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Yes, thank you! We had a really good time, even though we had an accident, but all went out good in the end luckily! The view in the mountains was really wonderful!

@Sandra: :) :-* They will follow soon!

@Evdokia: Thank you!

@coco: I'm happy you still come here every now and then!