crochet update

Two of my current crochet projects. The first will be a pillow, more about it later. The second will be a blanket, 16 of these big granny squares are done. Waiting to be stitched together. The basic pattern is from this site {klick}, but I decided to make a bigger blanket with more colors. I think these are a really good match! 



So wunderschöööön! Bin schon auf das fertige Ergebnis gespannt!
Alles Liebe Annemarie

Sandra Dunn said...

Claudia you are so talented and productive with crocheting. I wish I knew how!!!
These colors and patterns are absolutely beautiful - that is going to be one amazing blanket.

cococita said...

Such a great colour palette.
One can sense the beauty of spring in it.

jabbott said...

Lovely work x

wide-eyed-tree said...

@ANNEMARIE Ich auch! Haha, ich hoff ich lass es nicht ewig liegen, das zusammennähen ist nicht meine Lieblingsbeschäftigung ;)

@Sandra: It is so easy! Just get a book or look at tutorials in youtube to learn it! With crocheting you have really endless possibilities with only a few different stitches! But I guess it is no good idea to work with wool right now, it might make your eyes even more dry, so take care! Hoping for better times to come!

@Cococita: Yes, I also love these colors! So soft!

@jabbott: Thank you! xox!