After tidying my workroom, I felt like making a few pictures to capture the moment before it gets all chaotic again ;) The crystal in my hand is one of my favorites, a celestite (celestine). Touching or even only thinking of it, makes me feel less agoraphobic, like it opens up a big, wide space for me where I can expand. Many of my crystals I kept since my childhood, my uncle that sadly passed away some years ago gifted me once some smoky quartz, I still am very fond of them. Do you like crystals? With wich things do you like to surround yourself at home?


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

oh, i always enjoy tidying and tidy places as well :)
you did a great job!
crystals are just magical.

Sandra Dunn said...

I'm slowly working on organizing my studio. :) I seem to have so many supplies.
Love your creative space!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@evdokia: :) they really are!

@Sandra: YES! The supplies, also my biggest issue, but I guess that is normal as a creative person.