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Since 2006 I don't use regular toothpastes anymore. I refuse to put something in my mouth with the caution note to contact a doctor if you swallow it. If you think a bit about it, your body absorbs also medication if you let it dissolve in your mouth, in fact it operates even faster. So why should the body do not absorb the ingredients of toothpaste if you have it at least for 6 minutes a day in the mouth every single day of your life. 
In the first years I bought natural toothpaste that you get in organic shops, but I was still unhappy with them, because they mostly come in plastic tubes and contain still far too many critical ingredients. There must be simpler and even cheaper solutions. And there are luckily! 
I thought I share a bit of the solutions I found over the years and my experiences with it.

1. My very favorite and really most simple method is to use natural salt. It's so easy and practical! I just put some grains of salt on my toothbrush and let it dissolve in my mouth and brush along ;) In natural salt are all minerals the body needs, not so in refined salt, you should generally avoid it! Mouth rinses with water + natural salt will also help your body to fight bacterias and viruses. So it is really beneficial in many ways.

2. There are a lot of people out there who use only baking soda (natriumhydrogencarbonat) for brushing there teeth. I personally prefer to use it as mouth wash to bring my oral flora into acid-base balance for example after certain meals. 

3. Miswak. A Miswak is a teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora persica tree commonly used in Muslim-inhabited areas. They are antibacterial, help reducing tooth decay and contain among others natural fluoride which strengthens the enamel. I must say I like the taste, but I don't like that they come in plastic,  or at least I haven't found some that are different packed yet. But you don't even need water to use it, it is very handy.

4. New in my collection is the tooth soap from the company Lamazuna. Their products are all organic & vegan. I got mine from my friend Irina who has her own organic shop and is also always interested in new and sustainable solutions. I like that they don't use any plastic and the package design is really appealing :) It tastes a little bit soapy but I can't say anything bad yet, I only used it a few times yet.

5. Birch sugar. (Xylit) I love it! It tastes like normal sugar, but is kind of cool in the mouth. You can use it also for brushing your teeth, they feel super smooth afterwards. I prefer to use it as mouthwash after eating something sweet for example. It alkalized the mouth and remineralizes your teeth and is very effective in preventing caries. You can also use it as a replacement for sugar in general, but too much of it can give people digestive problems. I personally only use it for my teeth.

Not on the picture:

6. Tooth powder: 
7 parts ginger powder
1 part oak bark (ground with a coffee mill)
1 part mint leaves (ground with a coffee mill)
1 part baking soda

Mix it together and put it all in a glass jar!
It is an old Russian recipe and very beneficial. 
The only downside for me is that it staines the toothbrush.

7. Lastly a wonderful method to lighten up your teeth is to brush with activated charcoal every now and then. First it looks super messy, your teeth become totally black, but when you rinse it out later, they feel wonderful and look brighter. 

I'm always open to hear your experiences with natural ways to care for your body!
Stay healthy!


cococita said...

Thank you for this post! People are starting to get aware of the impact beauty products can have on our bodies in my native country as well ... (finally!)

jabbott said...

I know what your saying I worry cleaning Hollys teeth with it im sure she swallows some of it. I too would like a safer way to clean, a very good post x

Sandra Dunn said...

I'm so glad you shared this. I would like to phase out my organic toothpaste in a tube with these tips. I'll look into the Miswak stick. I have charcoal - and have used it to brush my teeth - it's funny sight. :)
Thank you!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

thank you for sharing all this tips. i recently readed about activated charcoal and i was really wondering about it.

so many things to replace a toothpaste from the supermarket :-)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Yes, finally! Here it is also seldom that people think about that.

@joy: I'm sure it is even more tricky when you have a baby! I think main part is the brushing itself and the tooth paste is less important, at least that is what they even said in the dental clinic I worked. Or maybe you can try to put the brush shortly into salt water (with natural salt) just that it is soaked a bit and try to brush it that way. So that the salt does not taste to intense!

@Sandra: Recently I saw a video of someone brushing with coconut oil and turmeric! It works fine, but the toothbrush gets all yellow which does not look so nice ;)

@Lotte: You're welcome! Yes the activated charcoal has also many benefits when it comes to detox the body. I used to drink it when I felt very bad in my belly.

Justene Doan said...

I have always wondered if anyone ever uses the baking soda method without any type of flavored extract or oil. I cannot imagine how that would taste, and it is not something I want to discover on my own. I usually use the peppermint extract, but sometimes I use a different flavor such as orange or spearmint. Now I do use regular toothpaste once in a while, but I usually make my own with baking soda.

Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry