Uppercase issue 26

Uppercase magazine had put out an open call in March to design a postage stamp for them. You can imagine that I loved to participate and I was even happier when they wrote me that my stamp was selected to be featured in the new issue! They also asked to add a little text about myself and why I chose this design. You can read it here: 

I’m a graphic designer from Austria and I love to illustrate. Not long ago I moved with my boyfriend (after living for 10 years in Vienna) to a tiny village in the countryside of Lower Austria. I always dreamed of having a garden and growing my own fruits and vegetables and leading a simple and creative life. Nature is the greatest inspiration of all, ever changing and surprising. It teaches you so much, for example the art of patience. In hectic times like nowadays this can be a great way to learn to slow down, same with good old letter writing. I have pen friends since the age of 12 and I always collected stamps. They are like little artworks to me and browsing through my stamp album feels like visiting a museum. Designing my own stamp was always a secret dream of me, so it was not hard to find my favorite motif. I chose field poppy for my stamp, because I get never bored of looking at them. They are so delicate that you can not even pick them to make a bouquet for your home, they would loose their petals immediately, so all you can do is to enjoy them in the moment you see them on the fields in their vibrant red colors, dancing in the wind.

Have a lovely day!


garden update

Some reds in my garden. Still having strawberries every day and lots of tomatoes.
Chili are also turning red now, I guess I will dry most of them, we can't eat all at once.
I also dried oregano, chives, parsley and stevia for winter. If you don't have a drier for herbs and fruits, you can also just use your oven, but turn it on minimal heat and open the oven door from time to time to let the moisture outside. It's so simple and practically and you will be happy if you don't have to buy herbs from the shops in winter season. 



When my father gave me his old canon AV-1 camera, there was an unfinished film inside, waiting there for at least 20 years. I finished it and you can imagine how curious I was to get the film developed and see what was on it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw pictures of my mother's collection of cacti :) I simply love those set of pictures!


fly life part 3

Happy Friday!


evening walk

Summer fields.

snail mail July

I have already shown you the pretty pillow case Lily sewed for me! {If you haven't seen yet, have a look here.}  She also sent me pretty bird stamps for my collection ;)

Another lovely letter from Sandra. She sent me next to stickers and pretty pictures dried flowers and a gingko leaf. I think I will scan it and use it for my online herbarium :)

And last but not least a new letter from Katyha with the cutest sticky notes and pretty postcard!

Thank you so much!
To all of you!


fly life

The hard life of a fly :)