new rug

Finally pictures of the new rug I've made
and one of Sunny, just because he is so incredible cute!


emmel-prutsemieke said...

with the rugs you made I discovered your blog some years ago

cococita said...

Again a very beautifully composed rug! I am still very happy by the two ones I bought created by you and will be forever. Hope you had a lovely Sunday with Sunny.

Sandra Dunn said...

Always enjoy seeing your crochet rug creations! They are all so fantastic. Sunny is curled up like a cinnamon roll - so sweet.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@emmel: oh! I did not know that it were my rugs that made you look at my blog, nice to know that and I am still making them ;)

@cococita: Thank you! I'm glad you are still happy with yours <3

@Sandra: Thank you! Hahaha! Yes, like a cinnamon roll, now I'm getting hungry :D