nature walk

It's getting chilly here and the sun comes out rarely.
Leaves are changing their colors and heating the stoves is becoming a routine again.
I love to make fire,  but yet I don't feel like wrapping my body in so many clothes.
Since I was able to swim really a lot this summer, I miss it, and swimming in indoor swimming pools is just not the same. I miss the feeling of smooth movement and I haven't found any other "sport" yet which fills my body with same joy.


cococita said...

Wishing you plenty of enjoyable nature walks this autumn. It's not the same as swimming at all, yet it's very rewarding for your creative soul and your body, at least to my opinion.

mme ulma said...

der schöne sommer macht mir den abschied ein bisschen leichter.
aber da ich keine schwimmerin bin, sondern läuferin, hab ichs da auch einfacher.
das erste foto ist einfach hinreißend.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Sure! I love forest strolls :) Time is flying so fast! I can not believe it is already mid October!

@mm ulma: Ach, ich versuch das mit dem Laufen immer wieder, es ist einfach nicht meines leider... Ich bräuchte ein Hallenbad im eigenen Keller :D