Light & plants
in the bedroom.


Katyha said...

gorgeous! a plant always makes a home so inviting :)

Hope you have been well.

cococita said...

Beautiful and uplifting!
Wondering what the title of the book is, captured in the photo with the fox.

Sandra Dunn said...

Serene and beautiful.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@katyha: :) true! I hope I find soon the peace and time to write you back! Sorry, that you have to wait!

@cococita: You mean the white one on the top? It's "Minimalist - Mehr Freiheit. Mehr Geld. Mehr Glück" The other book is "Kaut|kopf - vegetarisch kochen und genießen" and the last book, behind the plant is "Was Oma und Opa noch wussten" a book about how the past generations handled times of crisis.

@Sandra: Thank you <3