First of all, everyone who wonders how the little deer is doing, I have good news for you! It survived! And they brought it to a lady that cares currently for some other little deer, so that it won't become too tame and is able to live as naturally as possible. You can imagine how happy I am about that!

Secondly some underwater pictures I wanted to show already. Everyone who knows me a little better, knows how much I love water, it's my essence. When I'm underwater I sometimes feel like staying there forever and I have dreams in which I'm drowning and in the moment I give up, I am able to breath again. If I feel unwell, I take a bath and put my head underwater as long as possible. If I experience something bad or just had a long day with lots of impressions, I literally wash them off from me and feel renewed.
But I also had some not so nice experiences connected with water.
When I was a child a man at the public swimming pool, that was a completely stranger to me, suddenly grabbed me and pushed me underwater, again and again and again. No one was helping and he was enjoying my panic. And one time in Portugal I got caught by a big wave, that pressed my whole body to the ground, face ahead. I had not the strength to resist and come up again. Fortunately my then-boyfriend saw what happened and got me out of the water. I was in shock, my face was bleeding and my bikini top was gone. But I remember very clearly my thoughts when my head smashed to the ground and how time suddenly seemed to extend. Fortunately those happenings did not lessen my love for water.

How about you? Which is your favorite element?


Stefanie Seltner said...

such great pictures! And that you are still a water lover after those stories...
In my case I would say, water is good and living at the lake Constanz makes me happy each day, but air - I need it... my constant companion is asthma.
x Stefanie

wide-eyed-tree said...

@stefanie: oh poor you, I had in my youth to deal a lot with spastic bronchitis, so I can imagine a bit how terrible it must be! To live at a lake must be wonderful! Unfortunately I am living here in a very dry area without lakes or streams, unlike to where I grew up, but for the lung this is quite good I think.

Sandra Dunn said...

I'm thrilled to hear about the deer's outcome, Claudia. I know you must be super elated knowing you helped this beautiful animal. The deer is my special 'guardian animal' so to speak. It reminds me of God's grace in my life. Now on to water and air,,,, I'm amazed at your experiences. It's one thing for a natural powerful wave to do that, but for another person to injure and terrify you like that! I shudder. He should be jailed! I know you love water. You even have a teeny chihuahua that loves water! :) That's rare. I love the pictures. I grew UP next to a lake (Bakersee in Senden/Deutschland), close by was the Iller and Millbach. I learned how to swim at a very early age and I especially feel alive in natural bodies of water. I feel mystery and wonder, a bit of fear and play with water. I don't like diving under it all though. Like Stefanie, I need air. So the wind, is my favorite element. Also mysterious and energizing and unseen but felt so strongly on the plains here.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra: I'm really so relieved it survived! It's so nice to have the deer as your guardian animal! Sometimes when I look at Sunny he reminds me on a deer. If wind is your favorite element you would love it here! I've never been to a place where it is that windy and often really stormy. I did not like the wind very much, it makes me feeling like I can not concentrate, but since living here I reconciled with it somehow. I see now it's importance especially because they use so much poison here in the agriculture and I feel how the wind tries to clean everything again. All elements are so powerful! They can harm and give shelter.

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

it is so good to hear the little deer is ok and that it gets the care it needs. i hope it can grow up happy and safe.

i love water and i can imagine how you are connected to it no matter what you have experienced with it. i feel that earth and air are my elements which i feel most related to : - )

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

great news for the little deer!

you had very strong bad experiences with water...
i think i am more an earth person :)
but i enjoy water as well!

your underwater fotos are magical!

Feynsinn said...

Liebe Claudia,

was für schöne Fotos von Deinem Chihuahua im Wasser! Solche Aufnahmen könnte ich mit meinem Chi-Mädchen nie machen, da sie panische Angst vor Wasser hat und schon glaubt, wenn sie geduscht wird, daß man sie ertränken will ;-)

Liebe Grüße


kassiopaia said...

Aaaaw, voll tolle Unterwasser-Hunde-Bilder! <3