Oh, deer!

Well, some days are much different than expected.  Yesterday in the morning I heard that strange noise that sounded like a a weird bird noise that I never heard before. It would not stop and as it got louder and louder I opened the window to look what it was. Suddenly a little deer showed up and obviously it was searching and screaming for its mother. But no mother deer was in sight. When it noticed me it ran away somewhere to hide in the bushes. I asked my father-in-law if we have to inform someone and he said that if it is now in the bushes, better not disturb it, so that it does not jump on the street. Hours passed and still I heard it screaming. It was horrible to bear. In the afternoon the screaming got so loud again that I looked at the window again and I saw it walking around the house, stepping into our garden. I observed it for a while until I saw that it got really close the busy road. So I ran outside and caught it. I was a bit stressed what to do next, so I called my father-in-law again and he informed the hunter. Both came as soon as possible and we all assumed that maybe the mother deer died somewhere or at least does not find back. I asked the hunter what to do now and he told me that I can either raise it or put it back in the field. He told me that there are no such places where you can bring such wild animals to be raised. I could not believe it! He went along with me to bring it back to the field where it hid out again. I felt quite desperate, because I knew somehow it would cry the whole night until it would just die miserably. And I neither have a stable nor I have the right food for it and you can not just feed it cow milk. Hours passed again. At six o'clock I went outside again and looked for it. To my surprise it did not run away when it noticed me, rather it was walking towards me when hearing my voice. I brought some sheep milk and it drank a bit. Now I felt even worse, because I saw it would work to try raising it. Against the advice of the hunter I called every institution that I could find on the internet like animal ambulances and animal welfare groups. Everyone told me something different, but no one really wanted to help. Finally one animal ambulance quite far away told me they will help me. The woman on the phone gave me the advice to wait until dawn and if the deer is still there she will organize someone that collects it and brings it to a place where they are able to raise it. Again waiting. When it got darker I looked outside  to see if it is still there, but I could not find it in the high clover field. But somehow I could feel that it was still there. Short before I wanted to give up I saw a brown little bundle on the ground. The deer! It was sleeping and so I called the woman again and she told me to catch it and wait for the man that she will inform quickly to drive to me. No sooner said than done, and so I waited with the deer on my lap until this man arrived. I told him the whole story and he said that the hunter was totally wrong and with his advice it would have been better to shoot it immediately than letting it die miserably in the field and that of course there are ways to help such animals. And that it was right of me to give it the sheep milk, goat milk would also work, but this works only for the first feeding, afterwards it needs a specific milk preparation, so I did everything right. You can not imagine how relieved I felt! To know that it is now in good hands and does not have to die. Of course we all don't know if it will survive in the end, but at least it gets a real chance.
So this was my extraordinary Thursday. Now I'm looking forward to some normal days, also because I'm still not feeling that well after that ugly flu. Have a good weekend!


[sen.siˈʝes] said...

Wie traurig und zugleich schön! Toll wie du dem Kleinen geholfen hast. Hoffentlich kommt es durch. Meine Daumen sind gedrückt!

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

This is such a crazy story! I'm happy the little deer is safe. I don't get why the hunter gave you such an advice.. While reading it, I kept thinking how aweful that advice is.

Will the lady let you know how the deer is doing?

Sandra Dunn said...

This is amazing. It such a little darling... my first thought was a playmate for Sunny. ;) Just kidding. You are a kind soul and protector of animals. I pray this this tiny deer grows strong.

Lily said...

Poor little one!

Hope he (or she ?) gets a nice new family!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@sensijes: Danke! Ich hoffe es auch sehr, auf jeden Fall hat es nun wenigstens eine reelle Chance!

@the blue rabbit house: I must say I also thought more and more about what the hunter said especially when I asked him if there where places that care for such wild animals and he insisted that those do not exist, I feel somehow as if he told it intentionally to me, I don't know, I am only happy that I did not listen to him.
Yes, I got their number and I will call them!

@Sandra: Thank you, I also really hope that it will grow up well. I have to admit that it was a wonderful feeling to hold it in my arms and I would have liked to raise it myself, but I must put my own wishes aside in such cases and think what is the best for the animal. Especially if it survives it should be able to be again with other deer and have a more natural life than I could offer.

@Lily: Hopefully!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

oh wow, you are amazing, wish I could hold a deer in my arms. You saved this one!

Mi Joya said...

What a wonderful story Claudia! You're such an animal-lover!! <333
Luckily you followed your own instincts and listened to your heart!
At least this little deer might have a future now, if you would have done what the hunter said the deer wouldn't have survived.
Thumbs up for this one, let us know if you hear about it :)

And what a special picture, the one with you and the deer on your lap, more people should care about animals like you do! ;-)

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

i hope you will hear how the deer is doing and if it survided or not, i really hope so !
You did such a good thing, really great.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

oh deer indeed!
poor little one, it was very lucky to found you.
you gave to the story a good ending :)