Snail mail May

May went by so fast!
It was a cold month,  but still full of beautiful letters
and gifts that I want to share with you!
My friend Susanna sent me a belated Birthday package full of sweet things!

Sandra sent me this pretty card and fish stickers and a origami crane :)

A long awaited letter from dear Sara

Evdokia sent me this pretty calendar and pumpkin seeds after I sent her one of my pilea babies :)

More seeds for my garden from Lotte. I already sowed them! ;)

A delicious mango and the Tirolerin magazine (that featured my flamingo breakfast board) from my friend Larissa. She also lent me a movie. Now I only need some time to watch it ;)

Pretty postcard from Lily and from Sylvie from her holiday in France!

Another sweet letter from Amalia from Greece :)

Thank you all!!!

1 comment:

Mi Joya said...

Another happy mail month!! :)
Such a great project you've got going on with sending pilea's all over the world!!