Snail mail April

Sandra is doings lot's of little trips, so she is sending me often greetings from that places.
Very nice to be able to be part of those adventures!

Lily sent me that super cute paper crab and a flip book :) and a lovely postcard with a Schiele painting on it. It reminds me on my first flat in Vienna, a big poster with that paining on it was hanging there when I moved in ;)

Super cute socks and postcard from Kathya from Australia. I hope you can see it, she also added a polaroid of her dog. I sent her one of Sunny in my last letter, so it was a funny surprise when I saw hers :)

Before I opened Sylvie's colorful package I already sensed what might be inside and I was not wrong! She sent me a vintage wood bowel for my collection :) I'm super happy with it! I so love wooden things! And she added a book about fish, very inspiring!

Thank you all so much for surprising me and taking the time to sit down and writing letters!

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