garden update

This gardening year is quite different from the last one. Plants are developing different and also the problems are different. We have a quite big plant lice plague this year, not only our vegetables are affected, everything in the garden. The hedge, that we planted when we moved here, the trees, nearly all berry plants, everything. They are everywhere, even on the weeds. And because every piece of land around us is poisoned with chemical sprays, it is even harder for us. We, who don't use anything chemical to kill or avoid or fertilize. What I do is to try to strengthen the plants, so that they get along better or I collect stinging nettle in a bucket, add water to it, let it rest for 12 hours, remove the stinging nettle again and use the swill to spray on the affected leaves. Well, this is easy if you have to spray it on some veggies, but a little different if you have a hedge of over 200 cherry laurels. A deer came into our garden at night and destroyed some plants as well. It seems they love the branches of jostaberry. Sometimes it can be quite challenging. The good news are that I was able to harvest first radishes and even strawberries. One of the three luffa seeds I got from Karolien grew into a tiny luffa plant, I am so excited! And the zucchinis I have from Lotte are already blooming!
Let's see how it all develops further and if the plant lice will be graciously. I sowed them lot's of nasturtium as I read they like them ;)


Sandra Dunn said...

It's such hard work being a farmer. I know what you mean about the chemicals - that's just not right. I wish you much success on your garden.

Patrice A. said...

same here
a totally different year
it's been and still is so cold

good luck!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

for the first time i planted seeds of vegetables
and the last days they are sprouting
and i am all "oh look at them" :)
i like that is all well organized in your garden!
and i hope your vegetables and plants
will be ok from the disease.

Lily said...

You garden looks pretty green!

Here we have the same plague of plant lice.
Ugghhh... so bad this year.

I wish you a good harvest!

jabbott said...

Amazing garden x