garden update

I was able to harvest my first salads from the garden, what a happy moment! It has grown well the last weeks and I planted the cucumber and bitter melon plants that I have grown from seeds into the greenhouse and cabbage into the outside garden beds. Once again I pricked out my tomatoes, I have 5 different sorts, some sorts from last year and 2 new ones, one is called litchi tomato, the other one has a violet color, let's see how they will come out. We planted an apple tree, because the one that is already in our garden is very old and slowly passing away. Sunny was always by my side, he is recovering from a complicated operation and ear infection. It was no easy time, but we try to make the best of it. Wishing you a lovely time!


jsoxford.net said...

Congrats! :) doesn't it feel nice? Everything I started indoors this year died— I just don't think there is enough light in this apartment. So we restarted some seeds outside and bought a few little pots of herbs. Hopefully everything gets going again soon! :)

fiona ling said...

hello dear friend,

your green house are full with edible greens now claudia, i would be happy to help you in the garden! >_< I can imagine how excited you were to harvest and eat the homegrown salads! 5 sorts of tomatoes? that's wow! Oh dear, i think i have missed some update about sunny? What happy to him? I hope he recovers soon, all the best! See you next post!

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