This is Fred, a little starling baby that I found last Wednesday near our terrace. He was fallen out of his nest, but I was not able to put him back, because of the height and spot where it was located. He looked poorly. For some time I was just observing him, if maybe his mother would come to feed him, but nothing happened. So I took him inside and called the wildlife rescue center to get all informations how to care for him. I had to get living insects, but unfortunately I got only 2 boxes of crickets and they told me that they don't get more living food until next Wednesday. I had dried beo food from last year when I had the same situation with two little sparrows, but this is not the best food to raise such a bird, so I was quite stressed. I had to feed him every half hour and meanwhile I was searching for insects in the garden. You won't believe how much such a small birdie eats! I was up all nights and super relieved that he survived. Most found baby birds do not survive the first night. Unfortunately I had to give up in the end, because I could not get enough live food for him, so we had to bring him to a wildlife rescue center quite far away from here. I'm still exhausted from not being able to relax nights and days, but it was worth it. I will miss him, but I am sure he is doing  good where he is now and they will know better how to return him to the wild when he is big enough. I read it can be tricky with starlings as they become fast too tame. Well, this was the story of Fred.
And I will catch up sleep  now! Good night! ;)


cococita said...

You are an angel and such an inspiring woman! This truly touches me. Take good care now and as many naps as needed.

Lily said...

Fred seemed to make a big step in his development when I compare the first pics with the last!
Now he has a chance to become a big bird....

Take a big cup of sleep - you deserve it!

jabbott said...

This story is so cute and a happy ending x

Sandra Dunn said...

Oh my gosh - the cutest post. I imagine Fred will fly by now and then and bring you a flower (earth mother). So kind of you, Claudia. This makes me smile.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i know the feeling of trying to keep alive a baby animal. we have raised many dogs and cats
with my sisters :)
but for baby birds i thing it's more tricky.
i have found a little baby bird about two years ago
but i took it the same day to a rescue centre.
well done for all the treatment you gave to little fred!
i wish he will grow up well!

Alicia said...

Well, you did all your best!

Your new ilustration for the blog is beautiful!!! I think you should keep it.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Thank you! I'm still trying to catch up sleep ;) as it is quite chaotic at the moment.

@Lily: Yes, indeed! You could watch him growing!

@jabott: :)

@Sandra: haha, that would be super nice!

@Evdokia: Yes, it is quite tricky! I just am not able to go further if I see an animal in need. When I was 13 years old I once raised a little duck, it was easier though because they are not born naked and eat also vegetarian things and eggs which is easier to prepare. I also hope he will have a happy bird life :)

@Alicia: Thank you! I will keep it until I get bored of it again ;) I often need change ;)

trees and what not said...

you have a big heart x