When alliums were blooming.


Sandra Dunn said...

They are beautiful!! I just love garlic blooms. The wild ones here are white, pink and now a mauve. I love your bright fuchsia colored ones.

fiona ling said...

Oh, the allium flowers are so so pretty, do you grow them from seeds? they are so huge now! lovely, very lovely!

cococita said...

We might have two in our garden as well ... Love your little photo series. Wishing you a colourful week ahead!

querido diário said...

:) they look so healthy and big!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra: Yes, I also love them! What a special flower/plant!

@Fiona: No, I did not grow them from seeds, I bought bulbs in the garden center that I planted before winter came.

@cococita: Thank you! I hope you can still enjoy your garden when you have better phases, I know it is not easy. Hug!

@sara: yes, I have a soft spot for everything round, may it be the rugs that I make or flowers like that. I love that compactness and unity, it calms my eyes and mind :)