snail mail march

My birthday month was an amazing snail mail month!

Joy sent me all those lovely treasures!
Thank you so much, also for the bean seeds! :)

Sylvie surprised me with this lovely wooden spoon and lovely bug stickers and a letter written on doily paper, how sweet is that!

My mother sent me among other things dragon fruits to my Birthday and flowers from her orchids :)

Lotte sent me lots of seeds and another print of her photos and a tiny crochet star :)
Sadly the dried flower bouquet got damaged while shipping, but I kept it for the smell.

Lily sent me cactus seeds and an extraordinary book about making pop-up books! Never seen anything like that before! So interesting!

Birthday wishes from dear Sandra and a pretty gemstone card!

Another great birthday package from Studio Meez :)
Lots of plant cuttings and delicious tea!

This goodie package came all the way from Greece from Anastasia.
Everything organic from her own little store and the prettiest little tin filled with soap that I have ever seen!

Another birthday package from my friend Larissa.
We always exchange books that we have read and liked. I appreciate that a lot!

Last, but not least a pretty postcard from Cococita!



Belle Fleur de Lis said...

many lovely gifts
next time i hope no damage will happen.


Mi Joya said...

What a super snailmail month!!

fiona ling said...

yeah! what a super snailmaill month you have cluadia, all the precious treasure.
again again! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CLAUDIA! may your year be filled with joy and blessings! keep writing mail!
- love fiona