White snowflake

Some time ago Lotte asked me to make this white doily rug for her.
Of course I loved to make it and I think it will fit perfectly to her and her lovely home. 
It's always so nice to know where my handmade items go.
Thank you, Lotte!


jabbott said...

Simply beautiful x

Sandra Dunn said...

I think this is one of the most beautiful doilies you have ever made. Lotte will surely treasure this!

Lily said...

It looks so clean and beautiful!

I am happy that winter is over - snow gets grey so easy in the city

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

i am tremendously grateful for this <3


fiona ling said...

Lotte is the most lucky one, the snowflake doilies were so so beautiful, extraordinary! good day claudia!