The new gardening year starts!

I guess winter sleep is over and slow but steady the new gardening year starts.
I planned to make a lot of things different this year considering the experiences I have made during the last year. First step is to create bigger garden beds outside to have more space for everything. In the first picture you can see the old patch still, it looks tiny now in between the planned bed area. I still had some rucola and parsley in the greenhouse over the winter and on the third picture you can spot some allium that I have planted in autumn. Lily's houseleek has grown good since she sent offshoots to me. I replanted them and yesterday I saved all the perennial plants from the little garden bed to be able to plant them in the bigger one soon again. All in all I am super excited and can't wait for warmer weather to come to be able to do more outside! 
Have a good Thursday!


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

dear claudia i really hope we can have a good gardening year togehter again

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

happy new gardening days!

cococita said...

Love the purple and the greens. Wishing you happy gardening days and looking forward to your green posts :)