Sewing part 3

If I start something new, it's hard sometimes for me to stop,
so I sewed another shift dress, but again slightly changed the pattern,
so now it fits perfectly!
My monstera got some pretty new leaves since I cut off some pieces for propagation.
All in all you can tell by looking at the houseplants that spring it coming, they all start to grow more again and are looking fresher.
Have a nice day!


jabbott said...

This one is my favourite oneyou have made . I like the colour/pattern, and your right the fits perfect. You can design the fabric for the next one!! X

fiona ling said...

love the new dress, and with the red legging, they are perfectly match!
your monstera plant look so healthy and so green claudia! I have few pots of golden pothos or devil's ivy in our living room and kitchen!

cococita said...

It's great seeing your productivity: one day I hope to be able to sew my own clothes as well. You look great in your creations!
Sending you much sunshine from my corner of the world!

querido diário said...

you look so happy :)

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

oooh wauw! so nice and much happiness !


wide-eyed-tree said...

@joy: Glad you like it! Yes, true, I also thought about making a dress in one of my patterns. Something to look forward to ;)

@fiona: Plants make a home so cozy! I'm happy you share the love for plants too!

@cococita: thinking of you often! Hope you are doing good!

@Sara: :)

@Lotte: Thank you <3