home & sunshine

I love our bedroom! It is our biggest room in our little home :)
Nothing in it except for the bed, the little vintage tea trolley a wooden box that my father made me once (it contains bedclothes) and some plants and of course Sunny's bed (no, he does not sleep in our bed). The bed is my favorite place to relax and read and also to make plans and fill my notebook. I have a nice collection of crystals and gemstones and before I go to bed I take one of them to place under my pillow. I do think they affect my dreams. Do you believe in the power of minerals?
What is your most favorite room of your home?

Ps.: My dear pen friend Fiona is having a blog now!
If you are interested in her cooking adventures, feel free to have a look!
You won't regret it!


Sandra Dunn said...

Quit hogging the sun over there. ;)
Your Schlafzimmer is inspiring! I could learn from you to declutter and simplify. My favorite room is the dining room. It feels like the heart of our home - our floorplan is open from kitchen, dining to living room - when I sit at the dining table I see the whole house and the prairie hill through the big window.
And you gave me something to think about regarding rocks and minerals... I collect small rocks when we travel to special places - right now my favorites are the the 3 rocks I chose from the midst of the Grand Canyon - I made sure they would balance like a cairn.
Fiona's meals look amazing!!! I would devour all of it.

jabbott said...

I love my kitchen its very homely, and always warm because its south facing x

fiona ling said...

Thank you for sharing my little new blog Claudia, let us share more good food, good mail, green plant & good life together! And thank you Sandra for your sweet words!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

the bedroom and my workplace are my favorite places in our home. because of the full birght moon last night i started to think of mineral stones and how i also think that full moon brings stronger dreams...