home lately

 I hope you had a good week so far!

Some pictures of our home.
I usually don't wear any jewelry, but on the sixth picture
you can see some pedants, that accompanied my entire life:

1. A silver pedant from my late grandmother
2. A red glass stone pedant from my mother
3. A moonstone pedant that I got myself when I was a teenager
4. Turquoise gemstone that I got myself on a shopping trip with my friend Irina when I was 16.
I clearly remember that day like it was yesterday.
5. My first real boyfriend still used to visit me quite often after we separated - we still stayed friends - and after his visits I often found this bloodstone lying around in my flat. He always tended to loose things, same with this gem, that he usually had in one of his pockets. I gave it back to him every time. One time he gifted me a little wooden box and inside was this bloodstone, but revamped into a pedant. :)
6. This little golden sun was actually a promotional gift, but it's still so nice.

Things with stories make it so hard to leave go of them.

On the last picture the little linocut is from Alina Vergnano who's artwork I really adore.


Sandra Dunn said...

Beautiful gems Claudia.
Happy weekend to you.

mareike said...

So many pretty things! And having sunshine in your bedroom is soo nice :)

RLStars said...

your house is so lovely, I love the little details!

Anikó said...

beautiful home, love the bedroom with that sunny window x

querido diário said...

beautiful house and light, Claudia :D