I have a lovely collection of feathers, dried flowers and leaves that I have found on my walks with Sunny. I always wanted to make a big online herbarium, but always put it off because of other things. Maybe I should begin in a small way and just add every now and then a new picture for it and collect it all in one flickr album meanwhile.
Have a good day!


mme ulma said...

you definitely should.
ich hab sie auch, die schönen kleinigkeiten.
und freue mich darauf, die deinen zu sehen.

Carla Killens said...

oooh gorgeous jay feathers !
Love !

jabbott said...

Wow what pretty feathers x

Sandra Dunn said...

Those are beautiful! Did you see the feather mobile that I made? You could make one with these!

Lisa said...

A herbarium would be nice! Especially if you also add feathers and such :)